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The Teenage Wilderness Trust

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The success of the Teenage Wilderness Trust relies primarily on funding. Without the required funds we cannot place disaffected students on reengagement courses. Our Patrons Club gives individuals and businesses the opportunity to support the charity financially and provide year on year support for the work we do.


We have two levels of Patronage, both with different financial commitment.


For personal benefactors we ask for a minimum annual donation of £500 for Patrons Club membership.


For corporate benefactors we ask for a minimum annual donation of £1000 for Patrons Club Membership.

Thanks to our current Patrons

Mrs Annabel Nicoll and Suva Foundation

Mr Jamie Arbib

Mrs Ghislaine Kane

Mrs Dinah Kane

Mr Jon Connell

Mr Sean Notley

Mr and Mrs Catherine Rogers

Mrs Julia Kirkham

Mrs Joanna Bailey

Mr and Mrs J Gascoyne

The Leach Fourteenth Trust

Mr and Mrs John Rosai

Mr and Mrs Dominic Cusk

The Getty Foundation

Mr and Mrs Douglas Green

and our corporate support

Hotel du Vin


Lambrook School Trust

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'Our real success is measured by how we touch and enrich people's lives,

the difference we can make to those who would least expect it, to those the world looks over.'    Bear Grylls

I've spent much of the last fifteen years making wildlife and adventure programmes aimed at young people, and one thing is utterly clear. The outdoors, activity, wild animals and wild places have a tangible and unbeatable power over young minds. Nothing beats the expression of joy on someone's face as they surf their first breaker, break a horse into a canter, thunder down a forest track on a mountain bike, or grip warm rock for the first time. Conquering fears, feeling the warm rush of adrenalin, sipping the warm joy of the first cuppa after getting caught out by an unexpected downpour! For several hundred thousand years, we as a species evolved in the outdoors, living active lives, surrounded by wild animals, subject to the wills of the seasons. Whether we know it or not, we need them, primally, physically, and without them we wither and fade. I wish TeenWilderness all the very best of luck in their mission. Steve Backshall, Deadly 60.


The Patrons Club